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Creating inclusive cultures

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Inclusion is a Culture of EQ

We empower heart-ful badasses to create thriving teams with top performance and low attrition. Cultivate Empathy is on a mission to build a roadmap to Inclusion.

Dominant culture is not inclusive today, but culture is fluid. To create a culture of inclusion, we need to normalize new behaviors that create safe spaces. These include being self-aware, less judgmental, and actively accountable. Leaders with these skills encourage their teams to be more Authentic and to create Belonging.

Inclusion is a Culture 

We empower heart-ful badasses to create thriving teams with top performance and low attrition. Cultivate Empathy is on a mission to build a roadmap to Inclusion.

To create a culture of Inclusion, we need to drive a mindset shift that expects all layers of leadership to own the culture by embodying inclusive behaviors that create safe spaces and Belonging. These behaviors include being self-aware, less judgmental, and actively accountable. Leaders with these skills encourage their teams to be more Authentic and to create Belonging.

How Inclusive Are You?

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I have been exactly where you are – ready to run away because you said "yes" to so much that you are feeling resentful and on the verge of blowing your life up. Let's work together to reset your priorities, set healthy boundaries, and make self-care a more frequent experience.

It's time to trust Yourself

10 years of attenuating cultural transformations from within organizations gives us important frameworks for our programs. We know exactly how to engage, connect with, and inspire a group to become the catalysts required to shift your organizational culture. Our work is informed by Cultural and Applied Anthropology.

Your Partner in Cultural Transformation

How are We Different?

Our work

Candice's journaling process enabled me to put a name to a difficult emotion I had not been fully aware of, and discover the meaning I attach to that emotion. By orienting me to a place of compassion for myself instead of blame, the journal cleared a path for me to work towards wholeness.

 –Karin G.

Building Graceful Resiliency 


Candice provided great insight on how to create a high Emotionally intelligent inclusive culture in the workplace. By providing real world examples, she guided us through observing and different ways to identify, create belonging and improve situations. She also provided a list of resources to develop these skills through learning and practice. These tools will be valuable for our members as we return back to the workplace in the near future and also in everyday life situations!

 –Mitra, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association

As a Project Manager leading project teams, Candice provided me with great insights to continue to motivate my teams and create an inclusive environment. She gave us a list of resources and key areas to hit to create an inclusive culture within our teams. This workshop really helped me to identify any gaps I have and to improve. I would recommend her workshop to anyone new or experienced
with leading a team.

–Nicole, Genentech

“Getting to meet and be coached by Candice is a bright spot of 2022 for me, and the things I learned and how I grew during our sessions will affect me for the rest of my life - no exaggeration. Candice has the uncanny ability to be both comforting and challenging in the same breath - and while she certainly pushed me, it was always just to the point of the potential she saw, not more or faster for the sake of it. I felt seen, heard, supported, challenged, and encouraged during every session.” 

- Tiffany, coaching client

During the course of the program, participants will be expected to develop their self-awareness and to reflect on how these new skills are impacting their work. 

Active Practice

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Why do specific people drive you crazy? How well do you handle criticism? What is your reaction to failure?
Do you feel seen?

Self-awareness is the practice of understanding our emotional responses to situations. Perhaps the most transformative EQ element, self-awareness is the wellspring of empathy and compassion.

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In 2019, I had one of those lightning-bolt moments, where I heard my soul shouting, "you need to do more! You need to cultivate more empathy in the world!"  It took a little time to understand what that actually meant, but eventually I understood it to mean this: 

passionate about cultivating empathy

our story

Everyone wants to belong, but we often mistake it for 'conformity'. True belonging requires more authenticity and empathy, but a whole lot less judgment.

- Candice, Founder and CEO

People who want to create more equitable, diverse, and inclusive spaces often don't know what to actually do. Focusing on the foundational elements that will make inclusion more normal is something everyone can do. It's a skillset that I've been teaching and coaching for years, so it's something I can contribute to this social transformation.

Because Inclusion is a Culture of EQ


Inclusion is not the default culture today, but Cultivate Empathy believes it should be. We empower heart-ful badasses to be more authentic and to foster belonging.


Cultivate Empathy helps organizations to create a culture of belonging.  Through workshops and coaching, we enable clients to develop core EQ skills, such as Self-Awareness, Curiosity, Self-Management and Accountability. These skills foster authenticity, reduce judgment, and improve communication. 

Cultivate Empathy's coaching clients focus on building Self-Awareness, Self-Compassion, and Managing Healthy Boundaries. These skills foster authenticity, healthy relationships, and empowers clients to shine brightly in their full power.

Candice helps people to create and maintain rockstar teams! Through workshops and coaching, she teaches everyone to embrace differences, live authentically, and be unafraid of accountability. 

Candice empowers teams to apply social science and emotional intelligence (EQ) skills to start with their own team's inclusivity. 

She spent more than a decade teaching people how to use EQ skills such as social awareness and self-management to build strong, reciprocal relationships. She holds an M.A. in Applied Anthropology with a thesis on changing organizational culture, and is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach.


about Candice

It is so difficult to be human!! We all need a whole lot more self-compassion in order to be better humans to each other. 

- Candice, Founder and CEO


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